Body Talk T-Shirt

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For those who like to push boundaries and challenge taboos...

our 'Body Talk' T-Shirt has your name written all over it!

And well... some other names too! ;)

Body Talk T-Shirt
Body Talk T-Shirt
Body Talk T-Shirt

This edgy t-shirt features a collection of alternative words for the word "vulva," strategically placed using an aesthetically pleasing font in various sizes to create a unique and attention-grabbing design. The 'conditionHER' brand name is placed on the right sleeve as a subtle yet essential reminder to celebrate womanhood and care for your intimate health.

This shirt however is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are a bit more cheeky (pun intended!) and want to spark intentional conversations.

Cheers to some of the many names that we call our vulvas!

The featured words include:

  • poom-poom
  • cookie
  • lips
  • vag
  • snatch
  • vajayjay
  • pocketbook
  • wap
  • kitty
  • coochie
  • monkey
  • peach
  • box
  • punani
  • lady parts
  • yoni
  • vulva
  • pussy
  • muff and
  • HER!