BRAND inquiry

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pride Store Brand Partner! ​



What kind of brands and items are right for​

Every brand and business that partners with are owned, operated, or created by members and allies of the LGBTQ+ Community. seeks brands and items that express and embrace individuality and inclusion and spark joy and freedom! All brands featured on the platform must agree to post on their social media channels (in their own words) that they are proud to partner with and support equality for all. ​

How do I submit my brand and items to be sold, and what amount of inventory is needed?

To submit your brand, please visit, click on the bottom tab, How to Become a Brand Partner and download and fill out the intake spreadsheet. Once completed, email the line sheet along with any questions to A representative from the platform will be in touch with you very soon. Please only submit SKUs of which you can reserve a minimum of 100 units for at least 3 months. ​

WHAT KIND OF DISCOUNT PRICING DOES MY BRAND NEED TO OFFER? exists to offer the LGBTQ+ and Allied community great brands at an incredible value. Please offer us the best prices you can, below your usual wholesale pricing. In addition to offering our shoppers a great deal, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that promote equality for all. We ask that your full MSRP be shown on your home website during the duration your products are featured on our site. has full discretion in setting the sales price and altering that price for special promotions. ​

How do shoppers receive our items?​

As a brand partner, you will be expected to dropship within 48 hours of receiving orders via Ship Station or Excel Spreadsheet. In the event you are unable to dropship, your brand can still be a Brand Partner.

For this to work, brands will need to ship at your cost, at least 100 units per SKU, to one of our warehouses for us to sell on consignment. We do not guarantee any sales or pay for goods in advance.

After 3 months of your brand appearing on, upon request, we can return any unsold merchandise to you, at our cost, or continue to sell on our platform.​

Who pays for shipping?

Brands are responsible for paying for shipping (using the least expensive option that offers our customers tracking). At the end of each month, you will be reimbursed for shipping costs by Shop Intelligent Deals LLC, licensed in the state of California.​

Does accept any returns?​

All brands must be willing to send replacements (at your own cost) for any items that arrive to the buyers damaged or defective. A representative from our platform will vet all requests for returns. All sales will be marked final, with verbiage on our platform stating that we do not accept ‘change of mind’ purchases. Exceptions will be granted at our discretion, but refunds will only be administered after a buyer returns and ships an item back to its shipping origin.​

When will I get paid for my items sold on​

Your brand will be paid once a month for all goods sold, fifteen days maximum at the end of each month. For example, for all goods sold during the month of November 2023, you will receive payment via ACH direct deposit in your bank account before Dec. 15, 2023. Payment will be administered by Shop Intelligent Deals LLC, licensed in the state of California.​

Now that you know the drill and understand our process, please visit and download the Brand Partnerships line sheet. By emailing the line sheet back to, brands agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Q&A PAGE.​