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Rainbow Quest! Game

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Rainbow Quest! Game

The elegant simplicity of the Rainbow Quest! LGBTQ+ board game makes it ideal for beginners and experienced gamers alike. All players begin at the "bleak world' and advance along a colorful rainbow pathway facing a variety of fun and revealing challenges as they advance together 'Towards a Better World for Everyone!'

The colors you land on along your journey dictate the type of challenge you will complete before you roll again on your next turn. There's luck in the roll, but skill and strategy determine the outcome of each turn.

Someone will reach the Better World first, but all are winners along the colorful rainbow pathway!

Designed to be wholesome enough to use as a teaching resource for the LGBTQ+-inclusive curriculum for middle and high school students, many groups for queer elders are using the Rainbow Quest! to inspire the conversations players wished they could have enjoyed 60 years ago.  Rainbow Quest! is inspiring spirited, heartfelt, and impactful dialogue (and lots of laughter!) across cultures, generations, genders, and sexual orientations.  And straight folks -- this includes you!  Non-gay people are often surprise that they can win the game, but our team likes to think that all who play are winners!  Maybe that's why the NYC Board of Education is using our game in their schools!


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What's in the Box?

1 Rainbownium-edged quad-fold game board

1 Boxed deck of 483 assorted challenges

1 Rule Booklet

6 Quick Start Guides

6 "Hints" for the You've Got Talent challenge

8 Notepads for the Freehand Challenge

Blank prompt cards for creating your own custom ones

One Lavender drawstring pouch containing:

2 six-sided lavender dice

8 pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 90-second timer

8 game pawns

  • Weighs 4.90 lbs
  • Measures approximately 10" x 8.25" x 3.75"
  • Durable construction for years of fun!
  • No returns on this item